I am a licensed clinical social worker with 20 years experience in the field. From the very beginning my work has always been about connection and the belief that when given the right kind of support, individuals can overcome significant challenge. Humans are resilient creatures, and our bodies and minds are wired for relationship. Meeting with a therapist and doing the work of therapy can be a transformative experience. From my own personal and professional work I have learned that it is possible to heal wounds from the past, live an engaged life in the present, and feel hopeful about the future.


I completed my Master’s degree in social work at Portland State University in 2006 and have since become an EMDR International Association certified therapist. I have also completed extensive training in the clinical application of mindfulness, as well as models of treatment directed at helping individuals heal from past traumas. I work from an attachment informed perspective, which means that the quality of our relationship is a foundation for the work that we do. I also integrate mindfulness based cognitive behavioral therapies with psychodynamic ways of thinking to treat a variety of issues and life challenges. A priority in my work is to help you feel understood, and from that understanding develop an approach to therapy that is tailored to your personality and goals for therapy. Some clients prefer to see me for short courses of therapy targeting specific problems; others choose to do longer term work with the aim of bringing about self-understanding and change.


Ph: 503-490-4221


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